Ey Gurl

what the frick frack

my dog just met a female dog for the first time in awhile and he is so fucking excited

he wants to fuck so bad

how come you don't like your school?


the essays are fucking stupid and the teacher wont let me just fail the assignments

like i cant write these essays let me fail in peace

i really missed talking to you too!! haha, it feels like ages. so what's been going on since we last talked??


not much

not really liking my school very much

hii bluefrost! we really haven't talked in awhile, we need to change that 8)

hello my good friend how have you been friend

missed talkin to you friend

i got a really short haircut

my bangs look weird and my neck is cold but if i style it right i look like the mom from suite life of zack and cody



i just deleted a whole buncha posts and went from over 3000 posts to less than 50

i filled up an entire page of my notebook with pokemon drawings

i actually have a shiny tauros but not any of the other shinies (umbreon, gastly, bonsly)

heyo i forgot to tell you guys that i caught a shiny roggenrola a while back

shes a gigalith now and her name is amethyst

my moms fish died

he was a cool fish

rockin in little fishy heaven

rock on max