Ey Gurl

what the frick frack

i got a really short haircut

my bangs look weird and my neck is cold but if i style it right i look like the mom from suite life of zack and cody



i just deleted a whole buncha posts and went from over 3000 posts to less than 50

i filled up an entire page of my notebook with pokemon drawings

i actually have a shiny tauros but not any of the other shinies (umbreon, gastly, bonsly)

heyo i forgot to tell you guys that i caught a shiny roggenrola a while back

shes a gigalith now and her name is amethyst

my moms fish died

he was a cool fish

rockin in little fishy heaven

rock on max

brothers: a tale of two sons is such a good game i just played all of it in one sitting

i cried tho

dat ending

i just caught a shiny sigilyph im so fcking happy i didnt use any special methods or anything its the first shiny ive ever caught on my own i love her so much omg


how evil organization getting ass-kicked by a mere 10-years kid